3G - can't reconnect after connection is created


    I have a strange problem with network-manager and my 3g connection.
My system:

    - I run Debian wheezy (stable)
    - Kernel is
    - I installed network-manager and network-manager-gnome and stalonetray
    - I do not use a DE. I have X plus Xmonad installed. Whenever I need to
      use nm-applet, I launch stalonetray.

The problem:

    - I add a broadband connection (3G) via the nm applet; fill in all the
      needed infos
    - I try to connect to such connection, it works flawlessly
    - I disconnect
    - When I try to reconnect back again, I cannot.
    - The only way to get the connection to work back again is to edit
      connection / delete and then add it back once again

I attach the log obtained via `modem-manager --debug` and
`NM_PPP_DEBUG=1 /usr/sbin/NetworkManager --no-daemon`. In those logs
I perform the add/connect/disconnect actions.

It seems an authentication problem, but I have no idea on how to solve it.
Any help appreciated!

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