Re: DBus connection

On Wed, 2013-11-27 at 22:44 +0100, Marin Bašić wrote:
Dear developers,
I am writing golang program for wifi connection.
For now, I have been succesfull for scanning network, adding connection,
but I am stuck on connecting to network.
What API I must call to connect to network based on configuration?( can be
that configuration ad-hoc?)

For reference, the canonical D-Bus interface documentation is here:

The setting properties specification is here:

To activate a specific network connection, call the
org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.ActivateConnection() method and passing
an existing connection to use, along with the device you want to start
that connection on.  With NM 0.9.9+, you can leave the connection blank,
and NetworkManager will pick a connection for you.

If there is no existing connection for that device, you can create one
using the AddAndActivateConnection() method.  This takes a skeleton
connection hash and fills in the details for you.  Different device
types take different parameters for the "specific object" argument; for
WiFi you pass the object path of an AccessPoint object that you would
like to connect to.  This adds the connection to NetworkManager, and
then activates the connection on the device.

For an ad-hoc connection, you need to fill in the details yourself
because NetworkManager cannot autodetect them (since you're creating the
network).  So for that, you'd build up the WiFi connection hash with the
correct properties, call
org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Settings.AddConnection() with that hash,
and that returns an object path of the added connection.  You'd then
pass that object path, along with the device object path you wish to
use, to the org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.ActivateConnection() method.
This returns an "ActiveConnection" object path, which represents the
live connection from start to finish.  You can watch this object (or the
device object itself) for success/failure.

Some examples of various operations are here:


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