Re: bonding options rework experiment (dcbw/bondopts)


here a new patch for reworking bond options:

(related BZ:

It is getting quite elaborate because NMSettingBond has still all the
metadata about the properties and clients can make use of it.

I think, it is useful that settings can describe themselves. It would be
great, if we could reuse this in other settings as well.

This is useful for clients (e.g. nmcli) to do better validation without
having to reimplement all the domain knowledge of a particular setting.
For example, up to now, nmcli also keeps has own list of the valid bond
modes because it cannot access the metadata from NMSettingBond. When
nmcli adds more bond options, it also has to duplicate the lists for
arp_validate, fail_over_mac, ad_select, and xmit_hash_policy.


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