Re: Problems with several modems after upgrade to ModemManager-1

On 22/11/13 14:59, Harald Jung wrote:
When modemmanager is built with mbim support the activation und
registrationm works but it wasn't able to aquire an IP by dhcp.
Now i lost the connection to the notebook with the device and I can't do
any debugging for the next days.
In modemmanager 0.6x i was able to establish a connection without mbim,
how can i force ModemManager to that behaviour?

You can compile ModemManager with --without-mbim; or, as Bjørn suggested
load the 'cdc_ncm' kernel driver with 'prefer_mbim=N'.

Anyway, when using MBIM, ModemManager will not request the network
interface details to be set with DHCP; instead it will explicitly expose
in the bearer interface which IP details to use (and NM will read them
and apply them in the interface, if using NM).


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