Re: How can I obtain DHCP4Config, IP4Config of an active VPN connection?

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On Fri, 2013-04-26 at 13:22 -0400, Pavel Simerda wrote:
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Subject: How can I obtain DHCP4Config, IP4Config of an active VPN

Hi everyone,

I'm currently working with NetworkManager and python in order to
connect to
my network company with a VPN.
The python script performs just simple actions like connect VPN through
wired interface and then automatically configure my code to reach

Everything worked properly until I wanted to grab DHCP4Config return by
VPN server. Indeed, with a simple connection the way to track this
information is to get the device and then ask for those parameters.
1. [org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Connection.Active] => [Properties]
2. [org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Device] => [Properties] =>
IP4Config, ...]

But with a VPN connection, you cannot track the device because Network
Manager didn't add "tun" or "tap" device to the devices list.

Looks like a missing API. I think it warrants a bug report at, where the possible solutions/additions
should be discussed. Thank you for bringing this up as this may help us
with the upcoming architectural changes.

Yes, it is missing API, and a bug for it would be good.



First of all, thank you for your responses. 
I have been busy for few days but I'm looking forward to write the bug report.

Meanwhile, for those who are interested, I found a way to grab this information. 
Just after calling NetworkManager.ActivateConnection method, you must register to VPN.Plugin.Ip4Config 
signal. You will get an array with the properties I wanted. 
It's a bit tricky, but it works. 
To connect to this signal you should use these configurations: 
* Service: org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.PluginName which pluginname is the plugin you use. For example, 
with openvpn: org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.openvpn. I don't know why it's not possible to use directly 
* Object path: /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/VPN/Plugin
* Interface: org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.VPN.Plugin

My solution means one things, NetworkManager currently store information however there is no way to looking 
for it.

Thanks for your help,

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