Re: [MM] [PATCH] iface-modem-3gpp: handle non-deferrable registration state updates

Would a transition from 'registered' to 'idle'/'searching' considered a
'service' loss from the connection manager's perspective (e.g. the service
disappears and then reappears in connection manager)?  In practice,  a
+CEREG change may not necessarily mean that the service disappears. But I
guess such a glitch can be smoothed out in the connection manager layer
instead of the modem manager layer. I'm happy to update the logic as
suggested if that's the expected behavior.

Idle might be, searching probably wouldn't be.  For Searching I think we
wanted to do the 15 or 30 second timer thing and only terminate if the
modem didn't reacquire the network within that window?  If the device is
'idle' though, I'm pretty sure you're hosed and we should shut the
packet data connection down.  If the device is 'idle', then it's not
looking for a network, and it's not registered, so you have nothing.

I'm fine with the 15s timeout when we are connected; but when not
connected, a change from registered to either idle or searching should
probably get notified in the DBus interface, that's the change I'm


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