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From: "Gero Müller" <post geromueller de>

Hello NetworkManager Developers,

i use Archlinux and would like to use the route metric option to
prefer my wired connection to my router over my wireless connection.

You don't actually need metric for that. It's just one way to achieve such thing. The only thing you need is 
for NetworkManager to resolve duplicate routes properly for you. I'm keeping this in my mind and will 
eventually get to it but fell free to start a bugzilla ticket if you want to track it. If you do that, please 
include the details of conflicting routing entries and put me in Cc.

By default dhcpcd does this already by using a +100 metric for
wireless interfaces.

Metric is one way to do that but I'm not yet sure whether it's the best one. For device routes, it may be a 
good choice, we'll see.

But when used via NetworkManager, all metric values are 0.

When dhcpcd or dhclient are used with NetworkManager, they are used as DHCP clients (software that connects 
to DHCP servers and requests information). When they are used separately, they act as network configure 
daemons and that would interfere with NetworkManager's role as a network daemon.

How can i make NetworkManager leaving the metric value as before/default?

There's no before/default, there are only the routes set up by NetworkManager. You could possibly do some 
magic with dispatcher.d scripts. But this is really a lack of feature in NetworkManager or bug, depending on 
what point of view you're using.



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