PPPoE users: request for information


I'm doing some debugging of PPPoE support in NetworkManager.  So if
you're using PPPoE successfully with NetworkManager, can you do a few
things for me?

While connected:

1) run 'ifconfig <device>' for the ethernet interface that your PPPoE
session is running over.  I'm interested in the "flags=" line,
specifically whether IFF_PROMISC is present in that line.

2) run 'ps ax | grep ppp' and paste that line here, *XXX-ing out any
identifying information* such as your username or service name.  I'm
only interested in the bits referring to rp-pppoe.

3) what version of ppp are you running (eg, 2.4.5?  2.4.5 + distro

4) what kernel version are you running?


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