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-- I am not involved in Fedora, so can't help you with GSoC administrativia... however,

Yes, sounds about right. Proxy support is also something I'd love to see in NetworkManager, and it sounds like it's the right place to keep that kind of information, given that it's usually per-connection.

Seems like 1-4 are probably the first steps to tackle. I suggested working on proxy for Ubuntu at the last Developer Summit, but sadly I couldn't commit to doing the work myself on work time due to conflicting priorities.

It looks to me like one of the very first steps would be to see how the code from gnome-control-center/gnome-settings-daemon can be moved from there into NM, probably via creating a new "NMProxyManager" interface. I'd have the settings for each connection written to the keyfiles, and a way to hand the settings back to gnome-settings-daemon to apply to the current session. I think you could get the inspiration from how the dns-manager parts work.

Some things to keep in mind:
- allow for a way to specify exclusions from proxy.
- allow for proxy auth settings (which is not currently available in the control-center, AFAIK)
- one complex issue will likely be applying the proxy settings to command-line, and where/how to store those.

... Just my $0.02.

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On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 4:38 AM, Malintha Adikari <malintha adikari hotmail com> wrote:
I am final year computer engineering undergraduate from University of  Peradeniya. I would like to join Fedora for GSOC 2013. I am interesting about this project and I want to get start with  Integrate Proxy Settings and Network Connections(Locations) project[1].

I went through the requirements of the project. Also I went through the "" page and got a basic idea.What is the project according to my understanding is

1.Develop network profiles for each network connection

2.Switch between those profiles should be done automatically when the new connection is about to connect

3. Those network profiles should be hold information about the network settings like "proxy settings" etc..

4. Names of the profiles can be grab from the data of the connection

5. Also the manual switchability should be there

6. Suggest users to create network profiles which haven't profiles yet when the NM found a new connection

we have to Use the features of the network manager and extend it to obtain above functionalities

Could you mention where can I get start?


Thanks & Regards,
Malintha Adikari

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