Re: NetworkManager on routers

On 03/01/2013 05:15 AM, Philip Boulain wrote:
How suitable do you feel that it is to use NetworkManager in a
*router* role, where it is being asked to apply and respond to queries
about an arbitrary number of more complicated devices and connections?

... and to a
large extent its "desktop-y" behaviour can be disabled by setting
devices to manual or unmanaged (and we may want to do so for
complicated VPN/bridge/bonding configurations if NM can't or shouldn't
be expanded to fit our needs here)

As Pavel mentioned, we are working on making some of the automatic
handling behavior configurable, to make NM work better on systems where
you want more predictable / less desktop-specific behavior. Check out and comment there if
you have any other thoughts on functionality you would or wouldn't want
to be able to disable.

-- Dan

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