Re: discuss: NM server defaults

So the relevant tweakable options are:

- no-auto-default=[interfaces]

Disables automatically-created DHCP ethernet connections. Everyone
agrees we want "no-auto-default=*" for servers.

- ignore-carrier=[interfaces]

Disables carrier-detect on the indicated interfaces. There's been some
internal RH networking services team discussion about these options, and
the consensus seemed to be that we definitely want this behavior for
interfaces with static IP addresses, but we can't enable it by default
everywhere because its current behavior with DHCP interfaces is sort of
broken. But we can fix that by changing it so that if DHCP times out due
to lack of carrier, and then carrier comes on, we retry dhcp at that
point (but we still ignore carrier in all other cases, and in
particular, we still always ignore carrier-off).

Given that change, then we would want "ignore-carrier=*" set on servers.

- monitor-connection-files=false

I think we also want this by default on servers; it is more consistent
with pre-NM ways of doing things, and makes it less easy to accidentally
shoot yourself in the foot.

In fact, I think we want to change things around so that "false" is the
default value of the option everywhere, and you need to override it if
you want the old behavior.

- dns=none

This disables NM's management of resolv.conf, which some people want for
various reasons, but I don't think we want this in the server defaults.

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