ANN: ModemManager 1.0.0 released


I'm pleased to announce the release of ModemManager 1.0.0. This release
includes major changes since the last 0.6.x stable version, including a
completely new D-Bus API.

This release introduces the new "org.freedesktop.ModemManager1"
interface, which accounts for capabilities of modern devices.
Documentation for the new interfaces, including a short migration guide,
can be found here:

Along with the new interface, a new "libmm-glib" library is included,
which should help to write GLib-based C applications:

For the brave, a new "mmcli" command line interface is also now
available, which mainly helps to debug issues, or use features which
don't have a proper UI yet (e.g. SMS messaging or Firmware):

ModemManager 1.0.0 is the first stable version introducing support for
QMI and MBIM based devices, using the "libqmi" and "libmbim" libraries:

For those watching the git repository, the new 'mm-1-0' branch will be
the new stable one, leaving git master for development of new features.
Some distributions already started to package previous 0.7.x snapshots,
so we don't expect many packaging related issues.

More information about ModemManager, including debugging tips or a
preliminary list of supported devices, can be found in the main website:

Bug reports, patches and comments are welcome in the ModemManager
mailing list, which is also where new release announcements will be
done. Remember to subscribe before posting!

And of course, thanks to everyone who contributed to this new major
release. It took more than 2 years of development to reach to this
point, but we really think it was worth the wait :)



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