Re: network manager dhcp ntp server issue

On Tue, 2013-01-22 at 08:32 +0100, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> Am 19.01.2013 00:52, schrieb Dan Williams:
> > So NetworkManager pushes out *every* DHCP option in the environment of 
> > dispatcher scripts. This should be happening both on 'dhcp4-change' 
> > and 'up' events. This would be the preferred mechanism to push NTP 
> > server and other random information to other tools like ntpd. Is this 
> > not working?
> Cannot say yet.
> I found out that adding an entry NTPSERVERS to 
> /var/run/netconfig/NetworkManager.netconfig by hand let netconfig find 
> and set ntp server.
> Because in NetworkManager there is already code to set DNSSERVERS, which 
> is somehow transfered into /var/run/netconfig/NetworkManager.netconfig  
> and I added similar code for NTPSERVERS, which works for me.
> If your question is still relevant please let me know. In this case I 
> need to dig more into the way opensuse deals with setting dhcp options.

Yeah, I'd still like to know if they do show up via dispatcher scripts.
This is not SUSE specific; the dispatcher scripts work this way for
NetworkManager in general.  Typically the dispatcher script would write
the NTP servers out to the ntpd config file and then send a signal to
ntpd to indicate that its config had changed.  This would not
necessarily be part of netconfig.


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