Re: [MM] Power state handling

> I pushed a new 'set-power-state' branch to the upstream MM git repo,
> with the changes required to have the power state handled independently,
> i.e. low-power not associated to the disabled state.
> The branch includes a new 'PowerState' property (exposing the current
> power state) and a new 'SetPowerState' method (allowing to change the
> power state) in the 'Modem' interface.
> With these changes:
>   * MM will *never* automatically set in low power mode the modem.
>   * MM *may* automatically set in full power mode the modem during the
> enabling sequence if it's found to be not in full power mode.
>   * Users of the interface can put the modem in low power mode using
> SetPowerState(LOW). Users of the interface can also put the modem back
> in full power mode using SetPowerState(ON). Note that this method can
> only be used while the modem is in 'disabled' state.
> A use case of these new items could be an environment implementing
> 'airplane mode' for the modem devices. When 'airplane mode' is
> requested, the modem would need to get 1) disabled and 2) set in low
> power state.

Merged this branch into git master now.


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