disable &/or activate wifi access point using libnm


I have two questions:

1)  I would like to know how to disable an active Wifi Access Point;  I do not want to disable the device, just the disconnect the Access Point.

for example, from the example get-ap-info-libnm-glib.c :

    /* Get active AP */
    if (nm_device_get_state (device) == NM_DEVICE_STATE_ACTIVATED) {
        if ((active_ap = nm_device_wifi_get_active_access_point (NM_DEVICE_WIFI (device)))) {
            active_ssid = nm_access_point_get_ssid (active_ap);
            active_ssid_str = nm_utils_ssid_to_utf8 (active_ssid);

How would I disable "active_ap"?

2)  Similarly,  how would I active a different Access_point "xyz"?

Thank you,


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