Re: [MM] [PATCH] modem: use +CEREG to determine EPS network registration status

Will you be able to test my patch v2 on some of the modems you

Sure, can do.

The V2 patch doesn't seem to cause problems with the ADU960, but then
again, I don't have access to the LTE networks it can use (AT&T and
Lightsquared).  After patching the code to unconditionally enable CEREG,
the device responds correctly to CEREG requests:

+CEREG: 2,1

when I'm registered on T-Mobile's GSM network.  So while I'd really like
to have us try CEREG unconditionally if we can, I'm fine with the V2
patch as it is.

I just pushed the v2 patch now. Whenever we can test it properly I guess
we can enable this by default, so not a big deal.

Ben, will you send a patch to enable it in the novatel-lte plugin?


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