Re: [MM] [PATCH] modem: use +CEREG to determine EPS network registration status

On 02/13/2013 01:19 AM, Dan Williams wrote:
>> Doesn't look bad, but I really need to read it carefully as it changed
>> > lots of things. The idea is that plugins can specify whether they
>> > TRUE themselves, instead of automatically trying it when LTE support is
>> > found, right? I now wonder how other AT-controlled LTE modems out there,
>> > not just the Novatel LTE, handle this. Is anyone willing to give it a
>> > try with other LTE modems?
> ADU960S supports CEREG.  So does the UML290 with latest firmware.
> There's quite a few modems that support it, which is why I was
> suggesting that maybe we should use CEREG automatically on modems that
> support that command.

So if LTE is among the current_capabilities, and if we're using AT as
control protocol, we should try to use CEREG then by default, but
probably not fail the registration if the command doesn't work.


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