help with ActivateConnection, GetSettings and version of NetworkManager

Hey all,


I have a couple of  questions:

1.       How can I find network manager version?

I am using  “dpkg -s network-manager | grep Version” and get

2.       Where can I find the Network-Manager D-Bus Interface spec for this version? I found the spec of on the web-site.

3.       I am trying to connect to a wireless Network through Network manager commands in a script.

a.       I use ActivateConnection ( o: connection, o: device, o: specific_object ) → o.

b.      o: device : I get the device object with GetDevices ( ) → ao         (from org.freedesktop.NetworkManager)

c.       o: connection: I try to get connection from GetSettings ( ) → a{sa{sv}}    (from org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Settings.Connection)

d.      o: specific_object: “/”

In step c I get en error: Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownMethod: Method "GetSettings" with signature "" on interface "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.Settings.Connection" doesn't exist.


Can you help me dealing with the error of step c and an example of right usage of ActivateConnection (step a).




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