Re: fixed ipv6 address with DHCPv6

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> From: "Gene Czarcinski" <gene czarc net>
> I will state again that the UUID based on the machine-id does not
> satisfy my need to keep the client-id the same for all installations
> on a system which use a particular interface.

DUID-UUID is currently the most stable mechanism. And stability is the most important property of DUID. You can still use manually specified DUID or you can use a system script that will rewrite
your DUID file upon system boot to whatever you want.

As this is a very special case, and as it is possible to implement it outside NetworkManager, I would prefer a separate implementation. You can simply add the call to your script to ExecStartPre, if you are using systemd (find your own way for other service managers). Or you could package it as a separate service to be run *before* NetworkManager.

> Nope, I still do not understand how to have duid-UUID used.

With the Dan's commit, it should work by default. If not, we have a bug.

> While I can live with manually specifying the default-duid, I would
> still prefer an option where the command-line "-D LL" was used.

I don't think this is much important. I certainly don't want to prevent anyone from using any type of DUID. But as it will be stored on-disk anyway, I don't see a reason anymore (now that we have machine-id) to risk the stability through leaving the generation up to dhclient.

> Well, time to start testing this on real systems so I can give feedback.




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