Re: Can NetworkManager support bridging

On Mon, 2013-12-02 at 04:25 -0500, Pavel Simerda wrote:
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On 30.11.2013 00:58, Qian Zhang wrote:

I have an RHEL 6.4 machine, and I created some virtual machines on it, and
I want to create a bridge (e.g., br0) for my eth0, and have my virtual
machines access Internet via br0.

But I am not sure if NetworkManager in RHEL 6.4 has such feature, anyone
can help?


There's no point in asking about distribution specific features of an obsolete branch of NetworkManager 
here in the upstream mailing list, especially about a feature that was never present in the upstream 0.8.x 
branch. Please use downstream communication channels and/or contact your distributor.

Right, queries best asked through Red Hat about specific features.  That
said, yes, 6.4 and 6.5 do support bridging with NetworkManager, though
there are some limitations.


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