Wifi sharing


I would like to use networkmanager for Wifi sharing. The situation:

I have a Debian testing AMD64 system, connected to the LAN, with an
additional D-Link System AirPlus G DWL-G122 Wireless Adapter(rev.C1)
[Ralink RT2571W] I want to use to occasionally provide Wifi for some

After trying this with networkmanager unsuccessfully for a first time, I
set up an access point using hostapd. This works fine in general, but
the GNOME apps like evolution, pidgin etc. believe the network is down,
so they don't connect to the network. Probably they ask networkmanager
for the status of eth0, which isn't up. I didn't find a way to tell
networkmanager to look for br0 instead.

Now I tried setting it up again with networkmanager. The trouble starts
in the basic setup: networkmanager doesn't remember my settings. I want
Infrastructure mode with WPA, not Ad hoc mode with WEP. Basically, I
just want networkmanager to do it like I set it up with hostapd.
networkmanager shouldn't forget my settings every time I disable the

The networkmanager packages are version 0.9.4

Is there a way to use networkmanager for Wifi sharing? Either to get it
to notice that br0 is there, or to have it setup a stable access point
of its own? 



Michael Below <below judiz de>

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