Re: [MM master] Re: [MM06] [PATCH] sierra: use +CFUN=4 for powering down

On Wed, 2012-10-31 at 10:14 +0100, Marius Kotsbak wrote:
> Den 31. okt. 2012 09:05, skrev Aleksander Morgado:
> > On 30/10/12 22:44, Dan Williams wrote:
> >> So I'd love to do this, and I actually pushed it along with a fix to
> >> Sierra.  But then when testing it out with my 8775 and 8781, they both
> >> crash when going from CFUN=4 -> CFUN=1.  I've always had
> >> reliability/crashing issues with the 8775, and I've even bought 4
> >> separate devices to figure out if the hardware was the problem.  I even
> >> tried them in 3 different carriers, including one with external power,
> >> to ensure that they were getting enough current when powering on the
> >> radios.  No luck.
> > We can always limit the power-up/power-down to all sierra devices except
> > for that one :-/
> Japp, that I also was about to propose. But is it impossible to power 
> down that modem then, or does +cfun=0 works better? I don't have that 
> problem with my internal Sierra modem card, but your device is has 
> legacy status. Do you have the latest firmware?

Yeah, I've got 3 different firmware versions of the 8775, including
1.8.something, 1.9.something, and the 2.x update that added HSDPA 7.2
support.  None of them work reliably.


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