F16 NetworkManager icon showing connecting when connected

On my Lenovo X120e with F16 and Gnome 3 at conferences in hotels (where there tend to be LOTS of SSIDs with overlapping channel usage), I frequently get a situation where the Network Manager icon is showing the ... when it is connected.

I am constantly taking my computer in and out of suspend mode as I move from meeting session to meeting session and then connecting to a different AP on the same SSID and perhaps the same channel (I HATE the current Network Manager that does not provide connection info like channel, performance, BSSID, etc.).

It is not uncommon that at some point I get into the situation I am now with the ... showing when I can tell I am connected (as I will have no trouble sending this email!). If I click on the icon I can see that I am connected with all 4 lines of the radio symbol. This problem will persist across all SSIDs (here I am switching between the hotel and conference SSID) until I reboot.

I am current on all updates with F16 as of last night.

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