pidgin 2.10.3 pci wifi

i have a question about the difference in connections, in pidgin instant
messenger if my computer is connected through cat5 you can text cell
phones if i disconnect the cat5 and use a wifi pci card texting a cell
phone stops working, i use to work in ubuntu 8.04 and it stopped so i
upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 and texting a cell with pidgin still did not
work so now i have moved to xubuntu 12.04 and texting a cell phone using
a pci wifi card doesn't work. so i got on the pidgin mailing list and
they say it should but it doesn't.

i'v tried three different computers and two different wifi cards one
intel and the other linksys the computer will text another computer just
fine but will not text a cell phone i'm lost at this point.

also i have a dell 1525 laptop with a pci wifi card in it and it does
the same thing it is running ubuntu 10.04 

i have 10 other desktop computers with ubuntu and xubuntu running pidgin
on cat5 and they all with the same aim account text a cell phone.     

below is what i got back from the pidgin mailing list

klein spake unto us the following wisdom:
> there seems to be a bug when texting a cell phone from a computer that
> is connected to the Internet via wifi and pci, i tried connecting a
> linksys wifi usb adapter to another computer of mine and well that
> really don't work well. 

This is just plain not true.  You're barking up the wrong tree.  I
don't know why your AIM SMS messaging isn't working, but wifi is not
even in the picture.


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