Re: iridium: Not getting signal quality, not registered yet

On 29/03/12 12:55, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> Hey,
>> tried again to setup a iridium connection but now i get a lot of "Not
>> getting signal quality, not registered yet" messages and the connection
>> doesn't seem to work at the beginning. after some tries (i think 3x),
>> the connection worked. here are the logs:
>> Are there any problems with this message? and why does the connection
>> doesn't work at the beginning? i changed nothing in the setup (anetnna
>> position, MM restart,...).
> There's no big issue with that message, it just says that until being
> registered you're not able to get signal quality. The "004" in the
> "+CREG:002,004" reply below actually means unknown registration status.


> The connection doesn't work right away because possibly you don't have a
> satellite in direct LOS. Specially if you only see part of the sky,
> you'll get either no connection or bad connection. Iridium satellites
> are low-earth-orbiting, so they move quite fast w.r.t ground, and
> handoff between satellites may cause that you lose the connection if the
> new satellite coming to give you coverage is blocked by e.g. a wall or a
> building.

yes. that could be the problem. we have only less than half of the sky



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