[MM 0.6] Documentation


The new ModemManager codebase in the 06-api branch comes with gtk-doc
based documentation. The (currently) first reference book is about the
ModemManager daemon and comes with general information which should be
helpful for API users and plugin writers:


This manual also includes common enum types and errors used in the DBus
interface, as well as the documentation of the DBus interface itself.
Comments/improvements/patches for the documentation are really welcome.

In addition to the ModemManager reference manual, some other bits of
documentation are expected:
 * 'libmm-common' reference manual: libmm-common is a helper library
with common types, helpers and gdbus-codegen generated code to handle
the DBus interface. It is therefore used by both the ModemManager daemon
and 'libmm-glib'. That, itself, is a completely usable library, and
therefore gtk-doc documentation is expected, either in its own separate
book or included within the ModemManager reference manual.
 * 'libmm-glib' reference manual: libmm-glib is just a small layer on
top of the gdbus-codegen generated client code available in libmm-common.
 * 'mmcli' man page: mmcli is a command line client for ModemManager,
mainly a developer tool which helps to implement ModemManager and its
plugins. It already has --help, but given that we do have a man page for
the daemon, we should also have a man page for the cli.

Anyone willing to help in either of these last tasks is also really welcome.


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