Re: networkmanager spawned dhcpcd and kill it consistantly?

On Tue, 2012-06-12 at 09:47 -0700, cheng renquan wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 12, 2012 at 9:35 AM, cheng renquan <crquan gmail com> wrote:
> >> Any chance you can stop NM, and then run it manually with --no-daemon
> >> --log-level=debug for us?  The logs below don't provide enough
> >> information to figure out if NM is terminating the dhcpcd process or
> >> not, and if it is, for what reason.  But the debug logs would:
> >>
> >> NetworkManager --no-daemon --log-level=debug
> >
> > it seems the same, log-level debug didn't give more logs, the dhcpcd
> > is still "received SIGTERM, stopping" and "wlan0: removing interface",
> > then NetworkManager[2658] may have detected that, then spawned a new
> > dhcpcd but a few seconds later that received SIGTERM again;
> >
> > till I open another terminal, `kill -KILL 2658`; then the dhcpcd could
> > run for long time;
> last time running and NetworkManager[2714] killed by another terminal
> `kill -KILL 2714`:
> # /usr/sbin/NetworkManager --no-daemon --log-level=debug
> [...]
> NetworkManager[2714]:    keyfile: parsing ATT448 ...
> NetworkManager[2714]:    keyfile:     read connection 'ATT448'
> dhcpcd[2718]: version 5.5.6 starting
> dhcpcd[2718]: all: not configured to accept IPv6 RAs
> dhcpcd[2718]: wlan0: rebinding lease of
> dhcpcd[2718]: wlan0: acknowledged from
> dhcpcd[2718]: wlan0: checking for
> dhcpcd[2718]: wlan0: leased for 86400 seconds
> Killed
> # /usr/sbin/NetworkManager --version
> The weird thing is this is only happening at home with ATT448, that is
> an AT&T internet device WIFI with WPA authentication;
> when I am working with other WIFI providers, I see NetworkManager
> launched only one dhcpcd and running well

Is IPv6 perhaps enabled on that network, and perhaps an IPv6 router is
sending router advertisements?  You could try to set the IPv6 method for
this connection to  "ignored" in the connection editor, and see if that
makes a difference.


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