Re: IPv6 default routes / NM vs. kernel autoconfig

> just that the IPv6
> autoconf protocol (which is what he means by "protocol") is broken by
> definition (and therefore for "everyone") when it is overridden by
> static routes.

NetworkManager only sets up static route

> You could argue that IPv6 autoconf is itself broken

I don't, except RDNSS/DNSSL timing but that's another topic

> or that too many implementations are broken,

I don't argue that implementations are broken.

> and therefore NM must use workarounds.

Setting up the default route recieved by autoconf from the preferred device
is actually not a workaround but a basic feature of NM. Not adding new routers
and not removing old routers is a known bug. On unstable links (like wiki),
removing parting routers won't work reliably because of a bug in the RFC.

Setting it over a kernel-set route is a workaround that has no impact on the
functionality. As this route is always preferred, it behaves the same as if
it was the only route. It's just ugly.



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