Re: PATCH: Add stub mode

> From: "Dan Williams" <dcbw redhat com>
> > It would be fine to have some connectivity status override in
> > NetworkManager.conf
> > to be able to fake the connectivity status. It would also be nice
> > to have an option
> > *not* to automatically connect to any networks (perhaps we have
> > this already, but
> > I don't see it).
> > 
> > These two could make any advanced user happy. For ordinary users,
> > NetworkManager should
> > be usable (and apps should be fixed for those who don't use NM).
> I think there are cleaner solutions to this though, rather than an
> override.  We're talking about those and hopefully will have plans
> for
> that soon, but I don't think we'll explicitly work around broken
> applications or require explicit user intervention like this case.
>  This
> is open source; somebody needs to fix the apps, or things never get
> fixed.

This is not about not fixing the bugs, this is about serving corner
cases. If we want to allow users to use NetworkManager only, it should
be able to adapt real-world use cases.

And faking 'connected' status is an advanced user's/tester's use case.
If we don't do this, there will be a tool that mimics NM's D-Bus interface
and does nothing except saying we're online.

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