Re: Network-manager and VLAN

On Thu, 2012-07-26 at 16:18 +0200, Neuer User wrote:
> I am using Ubuntu, so I cannot take rhel configuration files. The
> Ubuntu/Debian ifupdown plugin seems to lack vlan support. So the only
> way to have network manager recognize and manage my VLANs should them be
> by directly creating a corresponding keyfile in system-connections.

It isn't documented (perhaps in the literate source), but ifupdown
supports tagged interfaces transparently.  If you want an ethernet
interfaces on VLAN 5, this will do the trick:

iface iface.X inet ...

When you bring this up, ifupdown will look for an interface named
"iface.X", and if it fails to find one, will create a new link, using
VLAN ID X on iface, and name it "iface.X".  Depending on what you want,
you might be able to get close by combining that with NM's ifupdown
managed mode.


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