Re: Older(?) NM/MM attempting to use wlanX interface for ppp

[I assume this was really meant for the list since it didn't contain
anything personal and you wrote in English, so I put the list back in
the Cc...  Hope that's OK. For those not receiving the orginal: It's all
quoted below]

Marius Kotsbak <marius kotsbak gmail com> writes:

> Den 17. juli 2012 12:06, skrev Bjørn Mork:
>> And I'd really prefer this solved somehow without blacklisting the
>> driver, which currently seems like the simplest workaround.  You'll
>> never get a blacklist removed once configured, so these interfaces won't
>> be there anymore when NM/MM starts supporting them.  And even worse:
>> The blacklist will then prevent the driver from supporting newer/other
>> modems.
> Do you talk about blacklisting inside the driver?

No, I was thinking of blacklisting the module/driver.  That's about the
only way an end user could work around this problem.

> I guess the
> distributions can just ignore it like in
> and remote it
> later.

Yes, no problem as long it's done by a distribution, either by not
building the driver or blacklisting it by default.  The problem is if
lots of end users have to blacklist it manually.  Such configurations
are hard to clean up.

> Anyway, I think Dan's hack does solve this problem:

I assume you meant
The head is moving fast as always :-)

Yes, that was the kind of fix I was hoping for.  Thanks a lot to Dan for
implementing that so fast.

> We just need to remember to remove it when testing qmi support in MM/NM.

Don't think that will be problem. Just don't put the workaround in any
MM with support for QMI.


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