Re: Linux MBIM

Bjørn Mork <bjorn mork no> writes:

> A question back to you, Greg:  Why do you ask?  Do you know of any
> device? Or planned device?  Where can I get one? :-)

OK, I talk to myself more and more often.  Not a good sign at all.  But
I just stumbled across this page while looking for something else:

 The EM7700 is designed to support  Windows 8, utilizes Qualcomm's Gobi™
 4G LTE modem and is compatible with Qualcomm's API and the USB-IF
 mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) for easy integration by PC

So it seems the MBIM modules are coming after all, driven by Microsoft
and Windows 8.  In fact, I'm starting to understand what could be behind
the mysterious "Win8 Std Net" setting in the MC7710 firmware.  Maybe
I've already got a MBIM module :-)

Only thing is that the the release notes for the (old beta) version I've
got explicitly states "Win8 is not supported in this release".  And it
is not at all clear to me whether an AT command interface will be
available in this mode.  And without such an interface, I would not know
how to switch modes... So I will hold my breath for a while.  At least
until I've got a firmware claiming to support it.

I think we are fine with the QMI support for these modules for now.


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