Re: 3G Modem disconnect goes to unavailable rather than disconnected


> I'm having problems with a 3G USB Modem where upon disconnect (e.g. due
> to lost signal) NetworkManager puts the device firstly from activated to
> failed (device state change: activated -> failed (reason
> 'ip-config-unavailable') [100 120 5]) and then from failed to
> unavailable. Really upon modem hangup from PPPD it should be
> transitioning to disconnected, allowing the user to reconnect if
> desired. Instead at the moment the user needs to 

I've experienced the same issue with a Huawei modem when the PCUI and
data ports were grabbed swapped. ModemManager 0.6 should have this fixed
already, can you test with that version?

Also, please provide ModemManager debug logs following the steps given
in the "Debugging NetworkManager 0.8 and 0.9 3G connections" section at:



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