Re: new ip settings method acceptibility

On Tue 14 Aug 2012 12:05:15 PM EDT, Pavel Simerda wrote:

I disagree that this would be a misuse; care to elaborate?

Sure. Methods are for everyday use. You want to have standard automatic
connection? It's there. You want to have static configuration? There.
You want to act as a router instead? Use shared.

Method in NetworkManager is the basic mode of function. Tweaks for specific
use cases can be done with various options for tweaking the IP config. If
it's 'something like shared', it should probably be 'shared'.

I do agree that it is a corner case, which is why I'm asking now.

Corner cases are best handled by tweaking the method with more options,
is it good enough for you?

I would agree, but I don't think any of the existing methods could be tweaked into this setup.

My impression is that... if there is a good use case for that, it should
be possible to do it with keyfile configuration. Whether it gets to the
GUI and/or conf plugins would be the next question.

Absolutely. I would definitely not expect this to be in any gui; it would be downright confusing for pretty much every user who uses the gui.

NM doesn't currently fit well in black magic networking, OpenWRT used to
do slightly better. But if you can make this work well with NetworkManager,
it'll be a pleasant surprise for me.

Agreed. I'll be looking at NCD ( as another option.

For the first tests it might be helpful if NetworkManager can be tweaked
*not* to commit IP addresses to the interface. Your fake address and other
things could generally be done with dispatcher.d scripts. Many things can
be done with helper daemons and helper scripts.

Dispatcher scripts could work. I think I've read on this list seveal times that it's important for NetworkManager to know the state of the network, so I've thought I need to avoid doing things outside of NetworkManager to avoid confusing its state machine.

If it would not be a problem, I could add a dispatcher script to do everything pretty simply: record the address/netmask/gateway from $INTERFACE, add the fake address to $INTERFACE and remove the original one, add the SNAT rule, bring up the alternate interface, start dhcpd with the stored info.

If this would cause problems , maybe I should take a closer look at NCD and netifd first.

It still seems to be rather complicated but now I at least understand the
use case. While I'm not convinced that we need another mode, and I'm not
convinced that we need a user-friendly way to set up your use case, I'll
be happy work out a way that makes NM usable for your use case at least with
some scripting and possibly an external tool.

Thanks for your help.

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