Re: named startup & NetworkManager

> 1) make the service that depends on networking more aware of it's
> real
> dependencies.  That means, if named is configured to listen on some
> specific interface, or some specific IP address, then the  named
> service
> should really be waiting for that address or interface to come up,
> not
> just "networking" to start.  But that entails modifying services and
> their startup scripts.
> 2) enable the "NetworkManager-wait-online.service" systemd service,
> which will block startup until the earlier of (1) at least one
> network
> interface has started, and (2) 30 seconds have passed.

And as (2) will not restart services on network configuration changes,
you have to:

2b) Put a restarer into /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d



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