Dear Aleksander:

	Yes, we are internally discussing about this recently.
	But you know, QMI is the private protocol of Qualcomm, does Qualcomm agree to this development?
	Is there any law risk about this?

	Any more, how do you want us to sponsor this project? Can you tell me in more details?
	Thank you very much.
Best Regards,
Franko Fang

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Hi Franko,

> 	Do you have began to develop the MBIM driver for Linux kernel?
> 	Do you have got the MBIM device for test?
> 	We are developing some devices to support MBIM protocol. We hope that it can be used on Linux.
> 	So I think that we maybe do some cooperation for this development.
> 	What's your opinions?

A bit out of topic now. ModemManager is currently getting support for
QMI-powered devices, like the Huawei E392. Would you guys be interested
in sponsoring some free devices for developers to test with?


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