named startup & NetworkManager

The above bug report concerns NetworkManager NIC device initialization and named. Yes, the bug is against bind but you should take a look at it since it directly involves NetworkManager.

As I say in my comment, I have been able to reliably reproduce the problem as a virtual guest but not on real hardware (and I tried).

The problem is that NetworkManager, named, and dhcpd are all started at roughly the same time (think at least within a couple seconds). dhcpd can handle the fact that when it iinitializes that there are no NICs available and when they do become available, is uses them.

But, with respect to named, the fact that the NICs are not available makes it get everything pretty much wrong (lots and lots of error messages in the system log). And when the devices have been initialized by NetworkManager, named does not look again. The only way to handle it is to restart named after I can login.

I am not familiar enough with how the new initialization (systemd) works so I do not know if there is an "easy" answer.


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