Re: [MM] [PATCH] broadband-modem: retry +CPIN? when SIM is busy

>> When the modem checks if a SIM requires unlock, the SIM may not be
>> ready. This patch modifies modem_load_unlock_required to retry +CPIN?
>> under that scenario.
> The logic to retry the unlock check is kept in the Modem interface file,
> mm-iface-modem.c, see mm_iface_modem_unlock_check(), and it should
> already be doing the retries, even with the 2 second delay between
> retries. Didn't that work for you? Do you have debug logs of a case
> where it didn't work?

It wouldn't be a bad idea, though, to include the AT command retries
logic directly within mm_base_modem_at_command(), so that whenever we
get a SIM_BUSY error we automatically do the 2s delay and retry,
regardless of the command we sent. We could also let plugins modify the
list of errors which should be considered to get retried... Just an idea.


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