Unmanaged eth0 - NM still logs eth0

Dear All,

I use NM for managing only GSM and openvpn connections.

In the interfaces file I setup the static IP addresses.

The system starts well and working well for a while, but after some time (many hours or days), I can see these kind of entries in my log:

Apr 24 11:05:04 localhost NetworkManager[1994]: <info> (eth0): carrier now OFF (device state 10)
Apr 24 11:05:06 llocalhost NetworkManager[1994]: <info> (eth0): carrier now ON (device state 10)

In parallel, when I checked the ifconfig eth0, it seems everything working, but TX overruns get a high value 17755.

Even, ifconfig returned that, the network is up, I am unable to ping other nodes on the network. It seems, the network is dead until I reboot the system.

In my Network-manager config, ifupdown explicitely turned off: managed=false

Do you have idea, what is going on? Is that possible, NM still manages somehow the ethernet, or just indicates its state?

Thank you!


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