Re: Nokia Phones cannot be used as modems

author Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> 2012-01-09 20:53:39 (GMT)
committer Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> 2012-01-09 20:53:39 (GMT)
commit 2f1d8f7fb334ba05fba0676f61333f8246b7e4a5 (patch) (side-by-side diff)
tree ee18909482b229086442f0250ef7fe3894846465
parent d52b4517271916fb3a6cc2a8df63b75829081d8d (diff)
nokia: fix PPP port for CSxx Internet Sticks
USB interface 0 isn't a serial interface; it's probably a custom Nokia PhoNet port or a custom Icera pseudo-ethernet port. But it's not a CDC-ACM serial port, at least on the CS17.
This was applied in Jan
but doesn't apply on phones(using a newer build)
that has mm.0.5.x but it still can't connect

will try to send the debug log when i reach back


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