Re: Need help in querying Network manager from browser

On Wed, 11 Apr 2012 07:54:53 +0100
Santosh Kumar <100santosh gmail com> wrote:

> Hello All,
>     I am new to networking and browser related work in Linux. I have a
> requirement where browser has to query and manage Internet connection.
> I am using ubuntu on panda board. I have network manager on it. I
> dont want to use NM-applet instead i want to control through browser.
> To be precise, i have to pop-up a window when Net goes down and
> search for new wifi and allow user to enter ID and pass for secured
> wifi. As of now i know we can get these things done by querying dbus.
> Since i am new to NM, browser and dbus, not able to figure out how to
> start. Any links, sample code and suggestion will be very help full
> for me.
You may wish to check out this link.
It may be the missing piece.

> If not from browser, managing through a shell script will be
> sufficient. Please guide me how to proceed.
This may be The easiest route.
If you have enough privs to install programs on the browser machine
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Santosh

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