Changes to the proposed ModemManager DBus API

Here is a set of changes to the proposed MM DBus API. Some of them were already
discussed some time ago in the following thread:

[PATCH 1/8] api: include ScanDevices() and SetLogging() in the new manager API
[PATCH 2/8] api: remove GetInfo() from the Modem API and use read-only properties instead.
[PATCH 3/8] api: let the Modem expose a 'Sim' property to link to a specific SIM object
[PATCH 4/8] api: let SignalQuality say if the given value was recently taken
[PATCH 5/8] api: new SetAllowedModes() to be able to modify the allowed mode in the modem
[PATCH 6/8] api: new SetAllowedBands() to be able to modify the allowed bands in the modem
[PATCH 8/8] api: Let MM_MODEM_MODE be a bitfield, and new PreferredMode property

Comments and suggestions welcome,


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