Re: PATCH] sms_decode_text(): Sanitize 8-bit data so that it is UTF8-clean.

On Mon, 2011-09-26 at 18:29 -0400, Nathan Williams wrote:
> This keeps ModemManager from crashing deep in the DBus libraries when
> a SMS Get() or List() DBus operation finds a message that isn't valid
> UTF-8 and/or has embedded NUL characters.
> I'll be putting up a separate patch as a proposal for how to avoid
> this problem in the new API.

Sounds fine; though in general we know the encoding that the message
comes in with, and we know we need to convert to UTF-8 for D-Bus (and
really, everything should be UTF-8 at the boundaries, it would be just
horrid to expose any charset encoding details to clients and I don't
think we have to).  So we should be able to convert to UTF-8 without any
real loss of fidelity when reading the  message from the modem, and we
should be able to convert from UTF-8 to a suitable charset (whatever
we've selected from CSCS) when sending messages too.

In what cases would we want to send or receive essentially binary data
via SMS?  AFAIK most of these cases show up as base64 or hex-string SMS
if they aren't intended for human consumption.

In any case, applied, thanks!


>     - Nathan
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