Re: [PATCH] device: allow for applying IPv4 and IPv6 settings in parallel

* Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre

> Set ip6_config to NULL when it's declared at nm-device.c:1449. It
> will get assigned something as needed, it's the lines between 1449
> and 1477 that do the initialization. If it's still NULL at that
> point, then at least it's initialized to NULL and that's what will be
> passed to update_ip6_config_with_dhcp(), which will then deal with
> the issue (if dhcp info are required and we didn't have anything
> before, then the settings from DHCP will be used as ip6_config;
> otherwise both get merged).

Thanks, I got it to compile now. The patch seems to work very well,
regardless of which address family is being slow or not present,
configuration for the address family that is present gets committed as
soon as it is retrieved. Good stuff.

However, it appears to me that the patch breaks the «Require IPv4 for
this connection to complete» setting. If I activate that one, and
connect to a IPv6-only network, the connection will succeed as soon as
the IPv6 configuration has been committed, and it will stay connected
even after the DHCPv4 query has timed out.

This is different from what happens the other way around, i.e., when
setting «Require IPv6» and connecting to an IPv4-only network. In that
case it will first report a success (as soon as the IPv4 configuration
has been committed), but then proceed to fail the connection the instant
the IPv6 activation times out.

Best regards,
Tore Anderson

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