Re: Looking for dnssec-triggerd alpha testers!

Le samedi 17 septembre 2011 à 14:00 -0400, Paul Wouters a écrit :
> Hi developers of NM and Fedora,
> We are trying to get DNSSEC validation on the end nodes. One way of doing
> that is to run a caching resolver on every host, but that strains the
> DNS infrastructure because all DNS caches would be circumvented.


> However, there are many networks out there that mess with DNS, 

I'm sure lots of Fedora users would love to get rid of their isp's idea
of 'enhancing' dns (plus sometimes the isp dns' are not only enhanced,
they're flacky making the whole network access unreliable)

Could the well-integrated caching dns option be considered as well,
given we live in an unperfect world ?

Nicolas Mailhot

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