Re: Gobi firmware (was: Not detecting broadband card)

On 09/13/2011 11:57 AM, richter ecos de wrote:
is there a place to get the all gobi firmware "for linux". Until now we extracted it from the windows drivers and I am not sure if we have pick up the right one. Would be cool if there is some download possibility.
There cannot be any *official* download source for firmware unless the license allows redistribution. However, there are repos for various Linux distros based in countries with different or loosely enforced copyright laws. (Not sure if a specific mention is cool here.)

I understand why these companies don't want their firmware reverse engineered. However, verbatim copies allowing more people to buy and use their hardware seems like a no brainer - what gives?

One theory - it is important for the firmware to enforce laws governing maximum transmit power and frequencies used. If this enforcement were too loose without the help of the host system driver, the company might feel uncomfortably liable for "bare" firmware not using a host driver they control.

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