Disable initial UMTS PIN Dialog


is it possible to disable the initial UMTS PIN dialog?

The background is, we have a lot of Laptops which has just one UMTS connection, where the PIN is saved in the PIN settings. The connection set to autostart. If the connection doesn't come up fast enough or even if it gets interrupted, a PIN dialog shows up. In the later case, if you do not answer the PIN dialog, the connection still gets connected with the saved PIN and if you enter the PIN in the dialog afterwards, you got an error that the connection is already connected. This is very confusing to the end user.

As far as I see all this trouble can be avoided if a PIN is only requested when a UMTS connection is made and the PIN is not saved. Is there any chance to get this kind of behavior  or does somebody has any pointer where in the code I have to dig to make a patch to implement this behavior?

We are using network manger 0.9 and modem manger 0.5

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Gerald Richter      Tel. +49 (6133) 939-122

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