Re: script set static ip

On Friday 27 of May 2011 16:34:02 Carl Karsten wrote:
> how do I create additional 'connections' - the thing that gets created
> by the gui
> "Edit Connections...", "New"
> I would like to create 3:
> dhcp (same as default Auto)
> static:
> local IP: link-local only
> I am expecting to use gconftool-2 but when I looked at gconf-editor I
> could not find the static IP I created using the GUI.

It depends on what NM version and distribution you use.

NetworkManager 0.8.x can store configuration either in  GConf (or another 
client specific storage) for user connections and by NetworkManager to 
/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections or to distro-specific files.

NM 0.9 dismissed user connections, so GConf is not used anymore.

Of course, you can use D-Bus API to create connections. See some examples 


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