how to change network manager timeout time


Using NetworkManager Applet 0.8
installed OpenVPN and nm-openvpn-service
on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid)
initially there was no problem using Witopia service trough NetworkManager. But then the Jasmin scare came, VPN services where blocked, workarounds (port 80) set up, but service slowed down.

PROBLEM: Connecting trough NetworkManager to Witopia VPN service from China. Witopia server seems to respond slowly, and therefore: "VPN connection failed because the connection attempt timed out".

NetworkManager seems to somewhere have a default time of 40 seconds, which I would like to change to 120 seconds or so. The configuration file send by Witopia does not contain this value (see below). So where can I find the configuration file which tells NetworkManager how long to try connecting?


dev tun
proto tcp
remote 80
resolv-retry infinite
ns-cert-type server
cipher bf-cbc
verb 3
mute 20
ca ca.crt
mssfix 1450

key My_Name.key
cert My_Name.crt


thanks for any response,
P.S. I have no success pinging the IP address above. But apparently VPN works because of open port 80. Windows users say that the configuration works.

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