Re: Howto change port used for 3g modem?


FYI, The Fedora-14 ModemManager package is only 0.4.4git20100720.f14.

When we get the Alcatel X220 problems fixed, can you update the
packages in both Fedora 14 & 15 which is due to release later this

How  do I tell when you have updated git for me to test?



Ok, so it really is an X220.  There's a plugin for that already, the
"x22x" plugin, which was added on Wed Sep 22 2010.  I think what's going
on here though is that the Longcheer plugin (which supports the Alcatel
X030s and X060s) needs to be more careful about what modems it tries to
grab.  I'll fix that up in git, and then I'd expect your device to be
handled by the "x22x" plugin.


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